We start with a professional attitude. We aim to please, giving the customer what they want. Being courteous is second nature. Tie it all together with dependability and you get a company made up of people who want to give great quality service when they say they’re going to give it, at a cost-conscious price.

Stucco Residential

Prime Design & Stucco

We at Prime Design & Stucco promise to always go the extra mile for our clients, by offering excellent guidance in the decision-making process, providing beautiful and customized design choices and by delivering the best and finest quality finished product available. In addition to stucco installation.

In the winter, stucco acts like a barrier, keeping the cold outside and holding the heat inside by that saving your energy bills and keeping your home warm. In the summer, your home will be cooler by the repelling of the sunrays.

Stucco can cut outside air infiltration and reduce heat loss from inside. If insulation is applied underneath, the savings are even greater.

Stucco is by far the least expensive among exterior wall finishes. It is a highly durable surface that lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance. Repairs, if needed, are generally easy and inexpensive.